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Panama Family Vacation with Kids

Are you considering a Panama family vacation? Then look no further than our handy guide to visiting Panama with a family!

Travelling in Panama with your family is easy, fun and action-packed with so many activities on offer to cater to all ages and preferences. 

When planning your trip, the first question on your mind is likely to be:

Is Panama safe for family vacation?

In summary, yes! We know that parts of Central America have had a reputation for crime and might not be considered the best choice for families, but Panama is well developed and has a much lower rate of crime than its neighbouring countries.

There are frequent and reliable transport links between different cities, and the locals are super friendly and helpful.

As with any destination we recommend doing some research before you book accommodation, in case there are any particular districts or neighborhoods that should be avoided.

But rest assured that Panama is generally considered a safe country, and with so much on offer for it’s growing tourist crowds, we think you’ll love it for your next family vacation!

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Is Panama Family Friendly?

Panama is only small, but it’s very developed meaning that getting there is easy, and getting around is well catered for as well. We know that when you’re travelling with family, it’s important that the destination is easy to navigate and your itinerary is easily accessible. 

Thankfully, transport links in Panama are great and there are plenty of tour providers available to take the stress out of your planned activities!

As a country whose tourism industry is largely centred around the great outdoors, there is a lot of fun and adventure to be had in the rainforests, the mountains and on the sandy beaches of Panama’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

The kids will love the thrill of whizzing through the trees on a rainforest zipline, spying on the cheeky and playful monkeys swinging from the trees and splashing in the warm waves of the surrounding ocean. 

While the adventures are endless in Panama and guaranteed to be a hit amongst families, an added bonus is that your Panamanian vacation can also be educational. As one of Latin America’s top eco-adventure destinations, a vacation in Panama will bring you closer to wildlife, biodiversity and the culture of local communities.

Visits to the country’s best national parks and eco reserves are great for exploration, with the opportunity to spot rare species of birds and wildlife and learn about their natural habitat, the ecosystems of the tropical rainforest and the importance of preservation and conservation. 

Much of the country is built on natural resources and, with one of the most complex ecosystems on earth, Panama is a naturally beautiful and ecologically diverse vacation spot.

We think it is the ideal destination for your next family vacation, which will guarantee to keep the kids busy whilst enhancing their knowledge and compassion for the environment in an adventurous way.

Panama Resorts for families

In Panama there are plenty of options for your family vacation. Some of the best family resorts in Panama are located in and around the capital, Panama City. You might typically expect that high-rise hotels would be more commonplace in a capital city, but this is one of the benefits of choosing Panama as your next vacation destination.

The city is located near the coast with plenty of surrounding beaches in a landscape where the jungle meets the sand. Panama City’s resorts are located near the beach and are complete with multiple pools, bars and restaurants, spas and massage centres for the grown-ups and entertainment programmes for the little ones.

Most resorts offer water sports and activity packages, transporting you through the jungle on magical outdoor adventures. Yet within easy reach, you have the hustle and bustle of Panama City with its shops and restaurants, museums and galleries and of course, the stunning and iconic old town of Casco Viejo.

We find that this contrast makes Panama City one of the top destinations for a vacation with your family, as it really will cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. Plus, transport links from Panama City are excellent, meaning it’s a great base for exploring other parts of the country!

With endless amenities catering to adults and little ones in a tropical paradise setting, another great location for family resorts is Isla Bastimentos. Located in Bocas del Toro province and surrounded by the Caribbean sea, it is a family-friendly location with plenty of activities on offer in an idyllic island setting.

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When you’re considering Panama family resorts, all inclusive options are available and may be the most economical option, not to mention convenient. 

For the best Panama family vacation packages, consider traveling during the wet season – or, as we prefer to call it, the “green” season. Panama experiences year-round pleasant temperatures, so as far as the heat goes there really is no bad time to travel.

The seasons are defined by the rain, and the wet season falls between April and November in most of the country, while December to March is the dry season (and the peak of the tourist season).

Take a look at our month-by-month guides to see what you can do during the rainy season, but trust us, the short daily downpours should not deter you from travelling during the wetter periods. In fact, the natural landscape of Panama thrives in the rain and some of the best outdoor activities can be enjoyed at this time of year.

The trees are beautiful bright green and the wildlife vibrant and excited from the rain. Plus, the cost of travel and accommodation will be significantly cheaper – around 25-30% – than during the dry months, which is ideal for a family as we know these trips can get expensive.

Be sure to book in advance to get the best deals, and check out our other guides to start planning your itinerary!

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