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How to get from Panama City to Colon

Now that you’ve spent some time in the hustle and bustle of the capital, Panama City, it’s time to seek some relaxation and head to the gateway to the Caribbean sea, Colon.

It’s the second largest city in Panama, located on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal, so there’s still plenty to do and explore. But as the heart of the Caribbean coast, it is also the ideal place to explore the nearby beaches and islands and is surrounded by the most beautiful natural landscape.

From Colon you can take a boat tour of the famous Panama Canal, explore the world’s second largest artificial lake, Gatun Lake, and have a taste of history at the Fort San Lorenzo just west of the city of Colon. But how do you get from Panama City to Colon?

How do I get from Panama City to Colon?

Panama City to Colon is about 75 km and 1 hour and 20 minutes driving time.

The options for travelling from Panama City to Colon are to either take a local bus or use a private transfer service. For travellers looking for the most cost effective option, the cheapest way to travel from Panama City to Colon is by bus. If convenience is your priority, the fastest way to travel from Panama City to Colon – and the best way to travel from Panama City to Colon – is by private car.

Panama City to Colon by bus

When taking a local bus from Panama City to Colon, you’ll need to head to the Allbrook station. Departures are every 20-30 minutes and the bus takes around two hours, as there will be several stops along the way for other passengers, making the short distance a relatively long journey. The bus costs around $3.60 USD.

Time intervals20-30 minutes
First/Last departure5 AM / 10 PM
Avg. Price 2 persons$7.20 USD
Duration~2 hrs
Operating CompaniesEPACOC Expreso Panama Colon Centroamerica

Panama City to Colon by taxi

Taking a private car is recommended if you prefer a convenient and comfortable option for travelling between different cities. A service like Daytrip will be pick you up at your accommodation in Panama City and drive to your destination in Colon. That means no bus stops, no crowds, and no confusion. Best of all, you’ll be transported by a knowledgeable, local driver and have the opportunity to make sightseeing stops along the way! A trip from Panama City to Colon can include stops at…

  • Miraflores Visitor Center
  • Templo Baha’i
  • Parque Municipal Summit
  • Fort San Lorenzo
  • Portobelo

With comfort, convenience, and adventure, it is clear that a private transfer is the best option!

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