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For a quintessential oceanside experience in Panama, Playa Venao does not have a shortage of activities that will keep you swimming for days on end! Five hours from Panama City, Playa Venao is one of Central America’s most impressive surfing spots, where you can ride the waves, swim the depths, or just lay out on the beach. The fascination is endless and the fun you can have will never run out in this hidden jewel of the region! 

The jungle truly melds into the sea with beautiful formation, and it’s the best place to experience an easy-living lifestyle far away from the overwhelming busy atmosphere of the cities of Panama. This laid back region on the Azuero Peninsula is one of the natural beauties of the country. The black sand beaches roll into the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. The lush jungle surrounding the resorts are protected areas home to anteaters, monkeys and loads and loads of birds! Collect your favorite bikinis and swim trunks because the waters are clear, the waters are warm, and the waters are ripe for your exploration. 

One of the best factors about Playa Venao is its relative hidden location. Not many people know about this place, so sometimes you get the beaches to yourself and you can frolic at your leisure! Traffic is unheard of, and the area feels like pure untouched bliss. 

The best time to visit Playa Venao would generally be the late dry season from January-March. The weather gets painfully dry during the mid-dry season, and the trees tend to turn to gold from not getting as much as a drop of rain! 

Playa Venao is usually overlooked when travelers are looking where to go in Panama, but don’t neglect Playa Venao. It has much to offer!

What are the top attractions to visit in Playa Venao?

Stay at an Eco-resort!

This idealistic paradise hidden away in Playa Venao is one of the best places to stay in the area! Eco Venao is Panama’s ode to the eco-tourism sector that is booming in the area. There are different options to choose from; the luxurious private quarters, guest houses, cabanas and even hostel-style shared dorms! If you want a delicious farm-to-table restaurant option, the Panga, Coleos Cafe and the El Cafe de Aca is just around the corner with delicious coffees and great local fare. The resort offers great yoga lessons and surf classes to get in on what the action is all about in Playa Venao! Take traditional soap-making classes at the permaculture section of the resort where you can also take a walk through the honeybee farm where they make delicious honeys in the area. Hike over to the nearby cascada for a great point where there is a waterfall site to relax by! Monkeys trace in and out of the hotel grounds so you’ll never feel like you’re completely isolated in this otherwise out of the way type of ambiance! 

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Take in the views of the Azuero Peninsula

Just at the foothills of the Azuero Peninsula lies breathtaking views of the fertile and lush valley. You can see the trees that cluster around, the farm grounds and the little huts that dot the landscape with a beautiful punctuation of the view of the deep blue sea! Perfect for hikers, adventurers and photographers alike! 

Ride the waves!

You’re here for a reason; Playa Venao is one of the best beaches in Panama for surfing. And the best thing is, it is a hidden gem! You have the waters to yourself and can ride them for hours on end at your leisure! The bay-like formation of the beach allows currents to conclude dramatically with meters-high waves! The turquoise waters are not only a great sight to see, but also a great place to ride! Surfing lessons are generally given in the resorts that dot the area, but you are also able to take some lessons independent of the resorts as well! 

A great catch..

The bay-like formation of the Playa Venao creates an environment teeming with sea-life. You can rent a boat to go for a good fishing trip where you can compete and catch the finest fish of the sea! Completely unique species and colourful tropical fish are filled in these waters, and what better way to admire the wonderful wildlife than to catch and view! Be nice! 

Surround yourself with animal friends!

Isla Iguana is a unique place to spend your day! A picturesque location with a colourful history, Isla Iguana was once a U.S. bombing range, it has now become a protected wildlife research location sponsored by the Panamanian government. And my, is it beautiful! The turquoise waters and dramatic terrain is teeming with wildlife from sea turtles, iguanas, tropical fish, LOTS of hermit crabs, and once a year with the appearance of humpback whales. Lay out on the island, watch the waves go by, or snorkel and explore the deep blue pacific ocean. Isla Iguana is where you can isolate yourself completely and just shoot the breeze!

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