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What To Do In Rio Hato

The perfect mix of nature and luxury, Rio Hato is a long string of beaches, resorts and national park that creates an endless plethora of entertainment, relaxation and exploration for families, couples, and curious adventurers visiting Panama

Developed in the early 1970s, the stretch of resorts are pleasantly isolated from the usual hustle and bustle of Panamanian cities to provide a wide array of activities like sunbathing, golfing, spa trips, dining, and touring!

What are the top attractions to visit in Rio Hato? 

Playa Farallon

This is one of the most famous beaches in Rio Hato. Playa Farallon is a massive stretch with powdery white sand great for just laying out in the sun, catching some colour, or reading under a parasol. A great perk with this particular beach is the options for beach-side restaurants. You can pay for a lounge chair on the beach and have the food served to you, or you can have a nice afternoon sit-down with any spot you choose!

Nico’s Beach

This restaurant is nothing short of a seafood lover’s heaven. Set on the sand with picturesque views of Panama’s most famous beach, Nico’s is definitely a delicious choice with a relaxing atmosphere. You have the choice to access the beach, the patio, or the interior when night falls. The restaurant has delicious fish, shellfish and meat and poultry options. An up and coming name within the fierce competition of beachside restaurants in Playa Farallon, Nico’s is definitely not worth missing out on. 

El Rincón de los Tíos

Nestled on the beachside, this restaurant serves a heavenly array of Panamanian fare. It is not big, but it is the exact type of atmosphere that makes the ambiance so relaxing. It is recommended that you make reservations because of its small size. They have the typical seafood, and the spicy ceviche is one of its specialties. What is best known about this restaurant is the rapport between the diners and the chef. Chef Rolando is a welcoming figure in the restaurant and strives to make the experience worth the reservation. Dessert options are popular, and there is a sizable selection of wines and cocktails in its drink menu. So for a nicely organized dinner, try this hidden gem!

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Isla Farallon

For travelers craving a little bit of activity and curiosity, Farallon Island is a great choice for activities like watersports and kayaking. Take a short boat ride off the shores of the powdery Farallon Beach, and dip into a world of watersports! The possibilities are endless. Snorkelling options are also one of the attracting traits of this little island. This lush and green Island is famed for its turquoise waters, intense sun, and lots of birds (perfect for wildlife watchers!) The island has a tower where you get to see the beautiful view of the endless sea as well as a panoramic view of the island, ripe with photo opportunities. 

Anton Valley

Photo by: Jackson Groves

Hidden away in the crater of an extinct volcano, is the town of El Valle de Anton, or Anton Valley. This town, although small, has one of the most spectacular sceneries in the entire country. The town and its surroundings are especially green and overflowing with flora and fauna. This is in part thanks to the extremely fertile and soft soil created by the volcano throughout its active eras. While Anton Valley itself as a municipality does not have much to see, save its zoo and very good accommodations, its claim to fame is its surroundings. Anton Valley is completely surrounded by national parks, which make you think you’re on the set of Jurassic Park! 

Climb up on the peaks of the volcano that line the crater for the most amazing views in Panama, with nothing but lush greenery all around you, swept away at the feet, you will be absolutely stunned by how much life, how much sights and how much sound is in this valley. Although you’re a considerable distance away from the ocean, you can see amazing ocean views from here. For our animal lovers, you are not going to be disappointed! The parks are filled with native birds, like the red-legged honeycreeper, the bay-headed tanager and the motmot. Great opportunities for birdwatchers and photographers alike!

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House of Lourdes Outdoor Spa

A wonderful little find. Also known as La Casa de Lourdes in Spanish. Enjoy a wonderful spa experience in a Spanish-style hacienda with spectacular ambiance. Marvel at the terrace overlooking a well-manicured garden and the beautiful hills of Panama. Pamper yourself with the wide array of beauty and massage options! For a delectable lunch with the likes of luxury, try the restaurant with a delicious mix of local and tuscan foods! Rooms and accommodations are also available for a night stay. 

Mantaraya Golf Club 

For a fun test of golf, visit one of the most famous golf clubs in Panama. 18 holes, plenty of bounds to play on, you can have as much length as you would like, and the layout is marvelous. Plenty of fairways and side-bunkers that heighten the experience. The well manicured course with beautiful views, spectacular gardens, and courses of varying difficulties! Cart rentals and equipment rentals available. For a good come-down from the activity, be sure to check out the restaurant for some good sandwiches and entrees. Test out your skills, your form and enjoy the day with a spot of golf! 

What are the best outdoor activities in Rio Hato?

In a place famous for its beaches, watersports are usually at the top of the list when it comes to the best outdoor activities in Rio Hato. Whether just lounging and swimming, or snorkeling and kayaking, it’s a great place to have some fun in the sun. If you want to immerse yourself in the wild side of nature, hiking the Anton Valley offers some of the country’s most lush scenery and a wealth of biodiversity!

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