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How to get from Colon to Panama City

After you’ve spent some time exploring the Caribbean coast with Colon as your base, you may be ready to head back to the life and soul of Panama, the capital, Panama City. With exciting attractions to explore including the world-famous, hugely impressive Panama Canal, the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site Casca Viejo (the city’s old town) and even the nearby Pearl Islands just off the coast, there is plenty to keep you busy in Panama City.

How do I get from Colon to Panama City?

Colon to Panama City is about 75 km and 1 hour and 20 minutes driving time.

The options for travelling from Colon to Panama City are to either take a local bus or use a private transfer service. For travellers looking for the most cost effective option, the cheapest way to travel from Colon to Panama City is by bus. If convenience is your priority, the fastest way to travel from Colon to Panama City – and the best way to travel from Colon to Panama City – is by private car.

Colon to Panama City by bus

When taking a local bus from Colon to Panama City, you’ll need to head to the Colón station. It’s the city’s main station, so it’s easy to find! Departures are every 20-30 minutes and the bus takes up to two hours, as you’ll have to account for making stops for other passengers, making the short distance a relatively long journey. The bus costs around $3.60 USD.

Time intervals20-30 minutes
First/Last departure5 AM / 10 PM
Avg. Price 2 persons$7.20 USD
Duration~2 hrs
Operating CompaniesEPACOC Expreso Panama Colon Centroamerica

Colon to Panama City by taxi

Taking a private car is recommended if you prefer a convenient and comfortable option for travelling between different cities. We recommend a trusted service like Daytrip. You will be picked up at your accommodation in Colon and be driven to your destination in Panama City. That means no bus stops, no crowds, and no confusion. Best of all, you’ll be transported by a knowledgeable, local driver and have the opportunity to make sightseeing stops along the way! A trip from Colon to Panama City can include stops at…

  • Portobelo
  • Fort San Lorenzo
  • Parque Municipal Summit
  • Templo Baha’i
  • Miraflores Visitor Center

With comfort, convenience, and adventure, it is clear that a private transfer is the best option!

Book a private transfer from Colon to Panama City

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Yes, it is possible to take a train from Colón to Panama City. The Panama Canal Railway is a historic railroad that runs parallel to the Panama Canal and connects Colón on the Atlantic side with Panama City on the Pacific side. The train journey takes approximately one hour and provides spectacular views of the canal and the surrounding scenery.

The Panama Canal Railway operates several trains per day, and tickets can be purchased online or at the station.

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