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How to get from Rio Hato to Panama City

You’ve had the most amazing time relaxing on the beaches of Rio Hato, and now you’re ready to head back the crowds and enjoy the vibrant and exciting atmosphere of the capital, Panama City. With its rich history and abundant culture, people from all over the world come to this Latin American capital for business, pleasure, beaches and adventure. The possibilities know no bounds in Panama City!

But how do you get from Rio Hato to Panama City?

How do I get from Rio Hato to Panama City?

Rio Hato to Panama City is about 120 km and 1 hour and 55 minutes driving time.

There are a couple of options for your travel from Rio Hato to Panama City, and the choice you make will depend on your preference and priorities. If your priority is cheap, affordable transit and you don’t mind the journey taking a little longer, the cheapest way to travel from Rio Hato to Panama City is by bus.

If you prefer convenience over cost, and you’d rather be taken direct to your destination with the possibility of making fun stops along the way, on your own schedule, then the fastest way to travel from Rio Hato to Panama City – and the best way to travel from Rio Hato to Panama City – is by private car.

Rio Hato to Panama City by bus

To take a bus from Rio Hato to Panama City, you’ll need to head to Rio Hato’s main station. Unfortunately there isn’t a direct route between the two locations, so you will need to change in either Anton or Santa Clara. The buses to these destinations are every hour, and from there to Panama City around every 20 minutes.

The journey is cheap – around $5 USD per person for the full trip – but with the need to change buses it can be a little inconvenient, particularly if you have luggage or you’re travelling with kids. The coordination to make connections can be a little tedious!

Time intervalsHourly
First/Last departure5:30 AM / 11 PM
Avg. Price 2 persons$10 USD
Duration~2 hrs 45 mins
Operating CompaniesUnion de Transportistas Penonome
Union de Transportes La Pintada

Rio Hato to Panama City by taxi

Taking a private car is recommended if you prefer a convenient and comfortable option for travelling between different cities. Using a trusted service like Daytrip, you will be picked up at your accommodation in Rio Hato and be driven to your destination in Panama City. That means no bus stops, no crowds, and no confusion. Best of all, you’ll be transported by a knowledgeable, local driver and have the opportunity to make sightseeing stops along the way! A trip from Rio Hato to Panama City can include stops at…

  • Chorro Macho
  • Miraflores Visitor Center
  • Parque Municipal Summit
  • Templo Baha’i

With comfort, convenience, and adventure, it is clear that a private transfer is the best option!

Book a private transfer from Rio Hato to Panama City!

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