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Visiting Panama in April

Panama weather in April

Avg. temperature: 27.5°C / 81.5°FRain: 64.7 mm per month
Sun: 5.8 hrs per day (sunshine) / 12.3 hrs per day (daylight)Avg. Humidity: 79%

If you’re visiting Panama in April you’ll experience some of the hottest weather the country has to offer. The temperature in Panama in April is at its peak and humidity rises as the rainy season is almost upon us; to avoid the rain, we recommend visiting at the beginning of the month as the clouds roll in toward the second half of April.

As the midpoint between Panama’s busy dry season and quieter wet season, the tourist crowds start to dissipate throughout April in line with the incoming rain. It can therefore be a great time to grab a bargain as hotel prices and airfares tend to gradually reduce near the end of the month.

Even if you visit once the rain has officially begun, don’t fear! The wet season – or “green” season – can be one of the best times to visit Panama thanks to the effects the rain has on the natural environment.

Aside from the weather, there are some other great reasons to visit Panama in April. The most significant is to attend the celebrations of the biggest and most important national holiday observed in the country; Easter.

Here’s our guide for some of the best things to do in Panama in April!

Things to do in Panama in April

Have a fantastically floral time in Boquete at the annual Orchid Festival

While not as grand as the Flower Festival that occurs each January, April’s Feria de Orquideas, or Orchid Festival, is still worth a visit if you’re in the region. It symbolises the return of Spring and showcases thousands of varieties of orchid in spectacular displays in the towns fairgrounds in mid-April.

Experience the Holy Week – or Semana Santa – in traditional Panamanian style

Cayambe / CC BY-SA

Easter typically falls during April and in Panama, much like other Catholic Latin American countries, it is celebrated across a whole week. Easter is considered the holiest day of the year for Panamanians and, while tourists are welcomed to join the festivities, bear in mind that local traditions should be respected and we recommend avoiding the churches and processions if you do not wish to get involved.

On Good Friday, a national holiday in Panama, most locals will attend church to mark the day that Jesus Christ died on the cross. Parades tend to occur during the afternoon, and even on the Saturday, commemorating the death of Jesus Christ.

While the celebrations so far have been of a solemn and religious nature, the Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend are some of the most popular days of the year for partying. Popular activities include spending the days lazing on the beach, attending beach clubs and sipping cocktails in coastal bars.

Some of the best places to spend Easter include the capital of course, Panama City, the San Blas Islands off the Caribbean coast and Puerto Armuelles along the Pacific coast.

Head to Miraflores Locks to see ships transit through the Panama Canal

While the weather’s still dry it is a great time to see one of Panama’s most famous and well-known attractions and an incredible feat of engineering; so impressive it is named the 8th Wonder of the Modern World

The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Miraflores Locks is one of the best places to watch as massive ships piled high with brightly coloured shipping containers sail on their way to global destinations.

At the Miraflores Visitor Centre has exhibition halls showcasing the history of the canal, a series of observation decks to watch the ships glide through the locks and it even offers 2 hour long tours.

Surf in Santa Catalina along Panama’s Pacific Coast

The town is only small but that is one of the reasons it is so charming. Santa Catalina is a quaint, laid-back surfers paradise with lots of small, family-run guesthouses and quirky boutique hotels and restaurants. 

If surfing isn’t for you there are plenty of snorkelling and scuba diving spots, or even horseback tours through the surrounding rural countryside if the water doesn’t entice you.

Just off the coast of Santa Catalina is Coiba National Park, located on Isla Coiba and encompassing 38 surrounding tiny islands. It is one of Panama’s biodiverse beauties and in particular is a diving hotspot due to the vast population of whale sharks in the area. Expect to see birds, crocodiles, turtles and snakes during your visit!

See the brilliant beaches of Rio Hato on Panama’s Pacific coast

One of the main appeals of Rio Hato is the blissful isolation from the hustle and bustle of Latin American city life. It is surrounded by multiple national parks and the beaches are seemingly endless – so long, in fact, you’re almost guaranteed to find a secluded spot that’ll make you feel like you have the whole beach to yourself!

Before the wet season kicks in, it is the perfect time to enjoy some tranquil relaxation in the heat of the blazing sun, with all the necessary amenities at your fingertips in the quant beachside location.

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Take a trek to visit some of Panama’s best waterfalls

Panama’s waterfalls can be enjoyed year-round, but the benefit of adding these to your itinerary during the dry season is ease of access. During the wet season it can be difficult to access some of the best waterfalls due to the dangerous conditions created by the rain, so your best bet is to visit while rainfall is low, if only for your safety.

While the rain can be a welcome respite from hiking in the rainforests, so can a dip in the crystal clear pools of the spectacular waterfalls!

Some of the best and most popular waterfalls in Panama include The Lost Waterfalls of Panama near Boquete, in the Chiriquí Highlands, the Anton Valley Waterfalls located in a volcanic crater and the Aguila Waterfalls that will transport you to another world (one akin to an Indiana Jones movie set).

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