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Visiting Panama in August

Panama weather in August

Avg. temperature: 27.4°C / 81.5°FRain: 219.9 mm per month
Sun: 3.8 hrs per day (sunshine) / 12.4 hrs per day (daylight)Avg. Humidity: 81%

If you’re thinking of visiting Panama in August, you should know that it is the wet season so you should expect some rain! But as long as you pack a lightweight, waterproof layer, this shouldn’t put you off visiting the tropical country during the month of August.

The temperature in Panama in August is wonderful, and the summer heat means that there’s barely a trace of rain after the downpours end as it evaporates at lightning speed. The natural landscape of Panama simply thrives in the rain, the lush rainforests and jungles coming to life and the wildlife buzzing with excitement as its natural habitat is revitalised.

We’d recommend a visit to Panama in August, and here are some of the best things to do.

Things to do in Panama in August

Explore the highlands in the authentically Panamanian town of Santa Fe

You might not typically think about heading to the highlands during the wet season, but in fact, we’d say it’s worth doing. With an elevation of around 1,500 feet, or 457 meters, it boasts a near-perfect climate with cool but pleasant temperatures that are a welcome relief from the heat of the lowlands.

The Santa Fe National Park is made up mainly of evergreen forest and is stunning during the green season as the forest and foliage thrives from the daily rain. It is the perfect place for hiking and a win with nature-lovers, thanks to the many popular trails and the birds that sing in the trees of the forest.

Trekking through the jungle means breathtaking sights along the way, overlooking the valleys and hills below and with waterfalls along the way, that are wild during the wet season.

While you’re visiting Santa Fe we recommend immersing yourself in the local coffee culture and taking a tour of a coffee plantation where you’ll see how the world’s favourite hot beverage is cultivated and produced.

Head to Panama’s heartland, the Azuero Peninsula, for a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

For surfers and nature lovers this is the place to be, and during the wet season rarely does it rain all day. Rather, expect a shower in the afternoon or even but certainly nothing that will drown out your day.

Pedasí is located on the south-eastern tip of the peninsula on the Pacific coast. It’s a small town known mainly for fishing, with unspoiled beaches and a laid-back vibe reminiscent of what you’d expect on the Caribbean coast. It’s a popular spot for snorkeling, whale watching (and August is prime time for this!) and exciting adventures such as zip-lining and horseback riding. The beaches of Playa del Toro, Playa El Lagarto and Playa Arenal are hotspots for surfers looking to catch some of the best breaks.

For a coastal forest retreat go to Cambutal, a popular place for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and camping within a beautiful natural landscape setting. Majestic mountains set the scene in this small town that attracts travellers from far and wide, who go there to get away from the crowds and stress of city life to be at one with nature. The air is so fresh here, the skies beautiful and the sunsets not to be rivalled.

Playa Venao is where the jungle meets the beach; a true natural beauty. It is unique for its black sand beaches which you will only see along the Pacific coast, a striking contrast from the lush jungle that serves as backdrop beyond the sand. Thanks to the rain of the wet season, the verdant jungle is thriving during August, the trees as green as they get and the residing wildlife lively and energetic. You’ll have the chance to see monkeys and birds, reptiles and more as you explore the wild lands of Playa Venao. Plenty of hidden waterfalls fill the jungle which make for some truly spectacular views.

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Get a taste of island life on Caribbean San Blas Islands

The picturesque San Blas Islands are stunning all year round, with their white sandy beaches and sunny blue skies that are simply postcard perfect. The rainy season is a little shorter her, lasting only 5-6 months rather than the typical 7-8 months as in the rest of the country.

While you might expect the wet season to be drab and gloomy, don’t be mistaken – this is tropical Panama and really, it is quite the opposite! The mornings on San Blas Islands are warm, humid and sunny, with blue skies that remain till mid-late afternoon. The rain rolls in, lasting usually a maximum of an hour, clearing the skies and providing relief from the high humidity. The atmosphere as the rain falls is beautiful, and it’s even somewhat enjoyable getting caught in the rain. It sounds strange, but trust us, there’s nothing quite like a tropical rain storm!

The effect that the rain has on the island vegetation is breathtaking, and the landscape during the wet season is out of this world. Some top island activities include sailing (which goes with the territory when you travel to an island!), snorkeling, fishing, surfing. The more adventurous can even try windsurfing or diving!

Regardless of the season, there is much to be enjoyed on the San Blas Islands, so don’t be put off visiting in August.

Accommodation in Panama in August

It’s a shame that many travellers don’t wish to travel during the wet season. They can be put off by the thought of day-long downpours, but the truth is that these are incredibly rare and rain is generally confined to a short burst in the late afternoon. Thanks so the year-round heat in tropical Panama, the rain dries so quickly there’s barely a sign it was ever there.

What fewer crowds does mean, though, is that hotels and accommodations are fighting for custom and enticing travellers with sweet deals that are easy on the wallet. Expect prices to be 25-30% cheaper than during the high season, meaning more of your budget can go toward exciting activities during your Panamanian stay!

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