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Visiting Panama in November

Panama weather in November

Avg. temperature: 26.8°C / 80.2°FRain: 252.3 mm per month
Sun: 4.7 hrs per day (sunshine) / 11.7 hrs per day (daylight)Avg. Humidity: 82.8%

If you are thinking about visiting Panama in November, you may hear that it isn’t the best time to go. It is true that the weather in Panama in November isn’t the most desirable, but if you wait until the latter half of the month you’ll experience quite a dramatic difference from the former!

In reality, there is no bad time to visit, and the temperature in Panama in November is certainly very appealing. There will be plenty of rain at the beginning of the month, which begins to tail off as December approaches and the rainy season draws to a gradual close, particularly on the Pacific coast.

In contrast, on the Caribbean coast, November marks the start of a rainier period so you may prefer to avoid the otherwise enticing Caribbean beaches and islands.

Another reason to visit Panama in November is that it is a month of celebration! It is known as “mes de la patria”, or “patriotic month” in which most of the country’s non-religious holidays are held. We will tell you more about some of the top celebrations in this guide!

Things to do in Panama in November

Attend “Fiestas Patrias” throughout the country

During November there are five national holidays, all of which are non-religious, including two official independence days – one from Colombia, and one from Spain – a flag day, and a number of days that commemorate the battles that led to Panama’s independence.

The first thing to be aware of is that almost everything closes throughout the country for these 5 national holidays. It is a chance for the local people to shut up shop and take some time off work to celebrate. Bear that in mind so that you can plan in advance, and make sure your itinerary won’t be affected by potential closures!

Typical of many Latin American countries, the people of Panama love to party! These national celebrations are a prime opportunity for just that, so you can expect plenty of crowds, plenty of noise and plenty of fun.

Panamanian neighborhoods host family-style parties all over the country, the streets filled with people from the local communities and beyond, music blaring, drinks flowing and street food galore. Head to central parks and town squares for some of the best celebrations, wherever in Panama you are, and expect barbecues, salsa music and a warming sense of togetherness.

You should definitely attend a patriotic parade if your itinerary allows, with some of the best being hosted by the capital, Panama City. There are marching bands and lavishly decorated floats, outstanding costumes and traditional dress donned by locals as they proudly parade the streets of their city.

We recommend getting there early to get a prime spot on the street, for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy the nature of Panama City at the Parque Natural Metropolitano

You might find it hard to believe you’re in the city when you get there. With hiking trails, monkeys, flawless fauna, a butterfly house and thousands of singing birds you will be transported from city life to a natural paradise, all within the city limits.

One of the greatest things about the wet season is the life it gives to nature. In Panama, a country with a stunning natural landscape, forested mountains and masses of rainforest, it thrives in the warm November rain. This is why the wet season is also known as the “green” season; the landscape becomes verdant as the dense forests are revitalised by the rainfall, and Parque Natural Metropolitano is one of the best places to enjoy these luscious effects!

Even more natural wonder at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center

Just 40 minutes from Panama City is the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, an ecotourism and environmental education project that can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the weather. Like we’ve mentioned before, the rainy season does wonders for the country’s forests and you’ll get to experience that here!

We think that the green season is one of the very best times to learn about the environment, and at the Discovery Center there is a specific focus on conservation and sustainability.

There is an observation tower of the canopy where you’ll overlook the forest and see the landscape at its finest. Then, take a moderate hike along the short but impressive forest trail where you will see the beautiful Lake Calamito. There are more than 350 species of bird there so expect to observe – including hummingbirds, herons, toucans and eagles. Even more exciting (to some) is the chance to see monkeys and crocodiles, if you’re lucky!

Whale watching in the Gulf of Chiriqui

Between the months of August and November you’ll have the opportunity to see humpback whales in Panama; actually, it’s one of the few areas in the world where whales from both the northern and southern hemisphere migrate to mate and give birth!

The adult humpbacks are huge and impressive and the babies just adorable – you’ll get to see the whales teach their young how to swim and how to dive! 

Accommodation in Panama in November

Whilst November isn’t quite the height of the tourist season – that tends to fall during the drier months – due to the number of celebrations taking place throughout the month and throughout the country, prices do tend to rise a little in comparison to November’s rainy neighbours.

The month of November is prime time for domestic travel for Panamanians, so the crowds are a mix of locals and tourists looking for the best deals on travel and accommodation.

Because of the national holidays, people tend to plan far in advance to ensure they get the best deals on their stay in Panama. We definitely recommend doing the same as, the closer the dates get, the higher the prices will crawl as travel and accommodation providers know that the options are getting slim.

So do your research, shop around, and book early to avoid disappointment!

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